Jillian & Jimmy Wedding

I shot and edited this video for Jillian and her husband Jimmy after shooting Jillian's brother Tony's wedding last spring. I love the fall theme and I'm glad the couple is happy with the finished product! Shot on the SONY a7ii.

Alex & Lindsay Wedding Video

I shot and edited this video for my friends Alex and Lindsay on September 16, 2017. Congratulations Mohrs! Such a fun celebration.

Shot on the SONY A7ii.

Riverstone Manor Wedding

I was unfortunately double booked for Josh & Dana's big day, but the guys over at Ebabil Photo & Video helped me out by shooting this video for me on October 14, 2017. I then completed the edit for the happy couple.

Utica Wedding

I shot this beautiful wedding video for Jenny & Kory in Utica, NY, on August 5, 2017. Tripod and the SONY A7ii. Edited by Nick Leonard & Tyler Edic.

Rochester Yacht Club Wedding

Congratulations Jillian & Aaron! Learn more at http://www.tyleredic.com/weddings.

Shot in conjunction with Allen Seavert of Nuvue Productions (http://www.nuvueproductions.com) SONY A7s & Sony A7ii Moza Steadycam

Edited by Nick Leonard of Nuvue Productions.

Rosamond Gifford Zoo Wedding

Congratulations Dan & Karen! For more information visit http://www.tyleredic.com/weddings

Camera: SONY A7ii, 24-240mm lens

Upstate Sports & Spine promo video

I edited this promo for Upstate Sports & Spine that Allen and Nick at Good Digital shot. This was a unique project for me because I rarely edit footage that I'm not a part of the pre-planning & production phases for.

Home. | Short Film

I was waiting for Meg to get home from work, and I knew she was having a bad day, and admiring the fall leaves when I decided to shoot this short film on Oct. 21, 2016. I played "Song on the Beach" by Arcade Fire on my computer to get a sense of feel and tempo for my shots. As I went outside, I saw Meg pull up to the house, and the film organically went in another direction all together.

I'm happy with how it came out, and I think that the beauty of the content in this short film offsets the poor production quality.

MaryKate & Eric Wedding Video

With Passion and Purpose: Impact Videos

The Office of Alumni Relations and University Development at SUNY Oswego completed a $40 Million fundraising campaign, With Passion and Purpose, on June 30, 2016, (the day I decided to step down from my role there).

One of the last major projects I worked on as Associate Director of Multimedia Communications was a series of videos called "Impact Videos" to demonstrate how donor dollars are being applied to the student body.

When I started as a student at SUNY Oswego in 2009, the college had just finished raising $23.8M, and their endowment was only at $7.9M. In 2016, it's at $30M+ (which pays for 350 student scholarships annually). I'm proud to have been a small part of the effort to raise $43.5M over the last 5 years. I'm proud to have played a small role in such an amazing accomplishment by so many hard-working people.

Expanding a Worldview

Capitalizing on Investment Returns

Jumping In with Both Feet

I've included three samples, but the complete list of around 15 videos can be found on the campaign website: https://campaign.oswego.edu/impact-stories.

Bourbon & Grass music video

I shot a short music video for my friend Mark Ervin, the drummer of Bourbon & Grass, back in May. It was a single camera shoot, so there was a lot of piecing together of various clips to make it look like a continuous shoot! Lots of fun.

Megan & Ron Wedding Video

Congratulations to Megan & Ron! I created this highlight video for the happy couple on June 18, 2016.

Here's what Megan & Ron had to say:

Tyler Edic was the perfect choice for our wedding. He was one of the most talented vendors we worked with - even our pair of photographers commented on his professionalism and how good his eye for framing shots was. He managed to completely capture the joy and excitement of the best day of our lives and his editing skills pulled together the hours of raw footage into a video that my entire family can’t stop watching and reliving. His videos are of the highest quality and provide an amazing value for his very reasonable pricing. We highly recommend anyone who wants to work with a true professional who is respectful, tasteful, and talented to hire Tyler Edic as their videographer.

Know someone tying the knot? My 2016 price of $950 includes one day of shooting, an short wedding highlight video like this, three short Instagram trailers, and all raw footage on a thumbdrive mailed to your home address. See the latest pricing, details, and more here.

Tony & Alicia Wedding Video

I shot and edited this video for the happy couple on May 20, 2016. My 2016 price of $950 includes one day of shooting, an short wedding highlight video like this, three short Instagram trailer, and all raw footage on a thumbdrive mailed to your home address. See the latest pricing, details, and more here.

Go Skateboarding Day 2016

I shot, edited, and skated in this cathartic short skateboaring video on June 21, 2016. It received more than 2,000 views on my Facebook page and as my 70-something skydiving neighbor so accurately summarized it: "Everyone grows old, but growing up is an option!"

Reunion Registration 2013 - 2016

Reunion Weekend 2016

SUNY Oswego Reunion Weekend takes place every June, so I edit a video utilitzing art from our other publications in April to announce registration.

Reunion Weekend 2015

Reunion Weekend 2014

Reunion Weekend 2013

Music Video for Bruce "AllOne" Pandolfo

Skateboarding has introduced me to many amazing people, and one of those people is Bruce Pandolfo, a self-described experimental, poetic conscious rap singer and storyteller by the moniker AllOne.

Bruce contacted me around the turn of the New Year because he was working on Zoom In, a song about Upstate New York life and attending SUNY Oswego (where we met). I immediately agreed to help with the video.

My goal was to convey a drab, lifeless locale that still showed signs of life and even beauty upon closer inspection. I focused on demonstrating the adjectives Bruce used when describing the song to me.

At first Bruce just wanted footage, but as the project progressed I volunteered to edit the video as well. Over the course of 4 or 5 dates, from January to March, I drove around Oswego in the cold pointing the DSLR and the Polaroid cube out my window, and popped out to try some long exposure time lapeses to vary the shots.

Bruce announced his new album on March 26– his 28th birthday. I had the video wrapped a couple days prior. It was a lot of fun collaborating with an artist who takes cathartic expression so seriously and methodically. Check out more of his work on his Facebook page.

Love A Donor Day 2014 - 2016

Love A Donor Day 2016

This is the third year I've shot and edited the Love a Donor Day event, a campus wide day long event to raise philanthropy awareness. All of the footage was shot and edited on Feb. 12, 2016, with some of the animations recycled and adapted from the previous two years. The opening artwork was designed by Jennifer Broderick, photographed by Jim Russell. I animated the layer files.

To test some new equipment, a colleague and friend of mine, Jim Kearns, loaned me his Canon 70D. It's one generation newer than our office's 60D. I loved the touch screen spot focus capabilities, many of which can be seen in this video. Thanks again, Jim.

Love A Donor Day 2015

This is the second iteration of the Love a Donor Day event, a campus wide day long event to raise philanthropy awareness. This video was shot and edited in less than 6 hours, with some recycled animations from 2014.

Love A Donor Day 2014

Love a Donor Day is a program SUNY Oswego hosts on Valentine's Day to provide hand-written thank you notes from students to financial supporters of the college.

Shot and edited with a Canon 60D by yours truly with title slides by Matt Bishop.

Pre-2016 Wedding Videos

Matthew and Sarah Loucks Wedding

I shot and edited a wedding video for my longtime friend Sarah (Regner) Loucks on July 25, 2015. Canon 60D.

The Kansas Wedding

"You're not from here are you?"

That's how I met Derek. I was on the subway during the first month of a semester-long stint in New York City at an internship. I was glancing over the map while waiting for the R train in Astoria.

I looked over to see Derek sitting on the bench next to me. 'Is it that obvious?,' I thought. I told him my story and found he just arrived in the city from Witchita, Kansas for an internship. After knowing him for only minutes, I invited him out on the town with some friends of mine. He agreed to join me, and we've been friends ever since.

It only took five seconds to know what a great guy Derek is. I met the beatiful and kind Bailea a couple months later, the day after Derek popped the question during Bailea's visit to New York.

Derek and I left the city. Time went by- over a year -but I was still invited to Kansas for the wedding. Derek knew I worked in video and asked me to do the wedding video following a last minute drop out.

Our friendship is based on blind faith. I took a leap inviting a stranger out- and he took leap trusting me to create lasting memories on their big day.

I had a blast doing it and I can't thank you both enough for the lasting memories. Congratulations, Derek and Bailea. Until next time, friends.

The Farm Wedding

Congratulations to Jon Wasicki and Abby Regner Wasicki, who were married on the Regner family farm in Sept. 2013. It was one of the coolest weddings I've been to and I had a blast making the video.

I solo shot and edited this video using a Canon 60D, a tripod and some quick feet.

Building a bed frame from scrap

I built my own bed frame using wood and paint I found laying around my garage. The whole project took about three hours. It also gave me the chance to test out my new Polaroid Cube.

Tag Day 2015

This is the second installment of the Tag Day video. This year, we wanted to show some candid responses to a question related to alumni giving. The first half of this video was shot in advance by my intern Reid Adler and myself, the second half was shot by me on November 13, 2015. Some short clips were reused from last year's video. Canon 60D & Tascam DR40 for audio.