March Matchness 2013 - 2015

March Matchness 2015

To encourage philanthropy among young alumni, the alumni and development office hosts the "March Matchness" challenge throughout March each year. In 2015, I was asked to help develop a theme and produce text and visuals to support that theme and excite our alumni.

I created this stop motion animation to start building awareness of March Matchness in early Febraury. The idea behind "Save your change, Make a change" is that gifts of any size can make a difference when part of the larger pool.

Nearly 300 individual photographs were shot with a Canon 60D with help from an inexpensive intervalometer (to release the shutter without accidentally shifting the camera).

March Matchness 2014

March Matchness is a fundraising campaign at SUNY Oswego targeting young alumni, so obviously the video needed to be fun... We may have gotten a little out of hand in 2014.

Thank you to my DP Matt Bishop and a huge thanks to Charlie for giving it 100%, ruining your knee and repeatedly running down bridge street during an Oswego snowstorm.

March Matchness 2013

I created this video to explain and excited young alumni about the annual fundraising challenge, March Matchness. This was not an easy task.

I was still a student at the time but this video garnered a lot of laughs. I started working at the Oswego Alumni Association shortly thereafter.