If you are spending too much time watching old movies by yourself, eventually you will begin to envisage yourself as one of the main characters, perhaps an agent of the law? Or, maybe you'll just order some pizza. Enter: Envisagent.

A canadian company called This Is New, dubbed "a website for shameless self promotion and endless discover," used to offer a monthly themed video contest called Short & Sweet. On the first day of each month, the theme was announced and filmmakers had the remainder of the month to write, shoot, edit, post and promote their 60-second thematic film.

In June 2015, with the assigned theme "Take-Out" and a $1,000 prize on the line, I set out to create a short film with my two friends Matt and Andy. I wrote the script early in the month, but was unable to shoot the film until the last week because Andy lives in Connecticut and I envisioned (there's that word again) him as the protagonist from the very beginning.

Set design: A thrift store lamp and ashtray; Matt's scotch glass; a friends cigarette butts; my dad's old camera; a Walmart cap gun covered in black spray paint.

I spent June going back and forth with the guys on script length and detail revisions, organizing a shot list (there were two or three shots I knew I wanted) and going to the thrift store and walmart to find props.

The script

Matt and I arrived in Connecticut three days before the deadline. On three hours of sleep, we shot and edited the film using a black magic cinema camera, a tripod, a skateboard and a couple lights. In order to get the nighttime look (since we shot at 9 a.m.), we blacked out the windows with posterboard.

And this is the result. Andy played the lead and helped with set design, props, editing and general conceptuals. Matt helped with the script, props and set design when he wasn't delivering pizza. I operated the camera and edited.

A big thank you everyone who voted or even viewed Envisagent. We didn't win the contest, but we had a good time and we are all happy with the final result. We plan to do more videos like it in the future.

Creating the title slide.