Top Ten Facts About My Time at Late Show

From January to May 2012, I lived in NYC and interned in the writing department of the Late Show with David Letterman. In honor of his retirement today, here are the Top Ten facts about one of the most exciting and informative periods of my life.

  1. More than 200 interns applied and 22 interviewed; 11 got the gig.
  2. It was my job to type the Top Ten list daily and bring it to Dave's office.
  3. Dave was regularly spotted around the office in jeans and a flannel.
  4. I delivered a book to Kelly Ripa's house.
  5. I made a short on-air cameo. See if you can spot me:
  6. Both Thursday and Friday shows were taped on Thursday.
  7. I saw one of my favorite bands, The Shins, perform front row the day their album Port Of Morrow was released.
  8. A group of us ran into The Shins outside a bar later that night.
  9. I met an amazing group of interns, workers and subway-strangers during that time. We still keep in touch.
  10. I've never laughed as hard in my life.

Thank you, Dave, my family, the friends I made and all else who made the experience possible.