Landing at Good Digital

My friend Matt told me about a social media job in the Rochester area, just a couple blocks from where Meg and I live. I applied, got an interview and went in to check out the company.

Good Digital is an emerging digital media marketing agency that was founded as Sunbright Media in 2014 by Clarence Allen Seavert. Clarence, who also goes by Allen, is a multi-talented web/design/creative guru.

While doing nightclub and event promotion in Rochester, Clarence noticed the need for improved websites and social media by local bars, restaurants, and businesses. He started charging money to develop websites and assist with social media management and content creation.

After making the business official and picking up a number of clients, including a couple full branding-service clients, Clarence saw a need to expand. He brought on a couple part time staff members to assist with graphic design, social media & account management.

Social media management was one of the things I did at Oswego, so after some talking and negotiating with Clarence, I decided to work for Good Digital first part-time, and shortly after full-time.

In the short time since then, Clarence and I have talked extensively about the direction of the company and how to best grow in our market. We created a rough company structure, with the goal of identifying future needs and projecting employee hires and growth.

Clarence hired a graphic designer to take some of the design burden off his plate and to focus on business development, sales and client account management.

I'm excited to be a part of Good Digital's growing team, and I hope to bring a lot to the company's plate.

In addition to my digital media expertise including social media management, video editing, and web updates, I've also been applying some of the lessons I have been learning in grad school and reading in books to the company.

I'm excited to see where how high we can take the company! To see more of what we do, visit