Year in Review: 2016

Here is the list of goals I posted in my "Year in Review: 2015."

  • Finish renovating my house and apartment.
  • Secure my financial budget and wellness regimen.
  • Spend more time connecting with my family, friends and those I love.
  • Identify my next career step in continued education, employment or entrepreneurship.
  • Produce more independent projects including writing, music, photographs and video.
  • Film my first full skateboarding part.

Although there is always room for improvement, I think I did pretty well on my goals list. I finished my rennovation in Oswego (to a liveable state anyway) and rented out both halves of the house. I laid out a financial plan, and although I still have a way to go before I'm out of debt, I have a better understanding of my financial position. I dropped below 180lbs for the first time since before college. I started graduate school, left my job, moved to Rochester, landed a new job at Good Digital, and expanded my wedding video service with Nuvue Productions. I wrote more than in the past on my site and took way more photos, completed a couple short films, and played a lot of piano. I didn't write a song this year however. Finally, I completed a full skateboarding part (by my standards) on Go Skateboarding Day in June. It was a great year.

Additionally, I believe that 2016 was the year that I finally discovered myself and my mission. It took lots of sacrifices and introspection, but I feel that I now have a rough floorplan for my career and life. I'll get into more detail about these realizations in future posts.

So, here are are my top goals of 2017:

  • Complete my Masters in Business Administration.
  • Take the next step in my real estate profession by getting certified, selling or buying.
  • Hike at least 6 adirondack high peaks with my family.
  • Take Good Digital & Nuvue Productions to the next level.
  • Read the Bible & reconnect with God (put him first).
  • Help people.