If you want an education, buy a home

I made the offer on my house the day after I graduated college, and closed on July 16, 2013, at only 22 years young.

During the last 365 days, in no particular order, the roof of my garage has leaked and the roof of my house has leaked in three separate locations. The hot water heater has gone twice (once permanently). Every faucet in the house has leaked at one point.

The pipes have frozen twice during the coldest (and subsequently the most expensive) winter of my life, due to a poorly insulated and sealed basement. The furnace was temporarily out of commission three times during winter, forcing me to impulsively buy half a dozen space heaters. I’m thankful I purchased the space heaters because I ran out of propane twice (one time I burned through 200 gallons of propane in 26 days).

The tenants moved out suddenly. There have been ant, bee, ladybug and mouse infestations (which was playfully coined “Assault on Mouse-Haven”). I single handedly carried and installed not one, not two, but THREE washers into my home before one finally worked.

Little chucks of red brick began to litter my sidewalk as my chimney started to crumble. Tree branches have become casualty to the strong Oswego winds. My lawn mower seems to need more attention than a newborn child. Oh, and my septic tank leaks.

In the last year I’ve grown immensely as a human being, but I recognize I have a way to go. On the days when I feel overwhelmed I think that, maybe, God willing, I’ll have everything under wraps by the time I’m 25. Wouldn’t that be nice?

In the meantime, I’ll keep fighting the good fight– one day at a time. I couldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for my amazing family and friends. Thanks for coming along for the ride Rach, Charlie, MC and for a small portion of the time Eric.